Note: All poems are haiku (5-7-5 syllables).

Hitlers are not the
Cause of war—the fault is ours.
War is compliance.

White wedding runs red
Lace among the body parts
Drone strike—Predator

Government bombs and
Terrorist bombs—both slaughter
Innocents en masse

Eighteen to wage war
Twenty-one to drink a beer
This is government.

drone operators
call children they turn to ash
“fun-sized terrorists”

Inconvenient truth—
Collateral damage is
Moms, dads, sons, daughters

Barack Obama
If your kids were killed by drones
How would you respond?

Why do so many
Not oppose war until the
Blood runs in their streets?

Kunduz hospital—
“Our patients burned in their beds.”
Obama Peace Prize

“Body bags and death”
Why should we hear about them?
Because we fund them.
Barbara Bush

Combat terrorism—
Stop invading countries and
Killing innocents

I am antiwar
Because I hate when douchebags
Profit from murder

war—strangers killing
one another because pols
tell them to—insane

Paris—five hundred
Iraqover one million
Which angers you more?

Agony unleashed
Body parts litter the street
War is terrorism

General Tommy Franks
Said “We don’t do body counts.”
The survivors do

General Franks body counts

Government is the
Arsonist posing as the
Savior fire brigade

War hysteria—
Reject the madness or the
Blood will never dry

Can you hear the truth?
Peace speaks louder than warfare
Politics is deaf

There was no ISIS
Before U.S. invasions—
War-blowback ratchet

Blowback is not a
Symptom—it’s the business plan
For the MIC

The Constitution
Is enforced by the same goons
Who violate it

War is good for the
Economy like earthquakes
Are good for our homes

Sick of pols killing
Sons and daughters on your dime?
Buy crypto, not bombs

Most caged, most cop-killed
War ratchets the police state
This isn’t freedom

Lies drop like cow dung
From the jowls of warmakers—
Political speech

Fuck euphemisms—
Collateral damage is
Innocents murdered

Flag lapel pins shine
Hate growing like a shadow—
Extreme goes mainstream

Feds keep you safe with
Manufactured terror plots—
Conspiracy facts

Randolph Bourne warned us:
“War is the health of the State.”
Why are we still sick?

Sanctions are warfare
500,000 kids dead
“The price is worth it.”

Dream of ending war?
Stop dreaming—defund it now

Katy Perry, why?
360 million
Propaganda views

Recipe for war:
Cash and blood in equal parts—
Feast for blackened hearts

The Patriot Act—
“If you have nothing to hide…”
Said Joseph Goebbels

War is not about
left or right—the MIC
is bipartisan

Asking Gov to keep
You safe is like asking a
Python for a hug

Private terror is
Blowback from public terror—
War knows no borders

“What to do?” you ask.
When politicians cry “WAR!”
Calmly say, “Fuck off.”

Cryptography is
Our tool to wage peace against
The powermongers

War gives government
Everything it wants and more—
Crash the killer app
War - government's killer app

Smash pumpkins not skulls
War has held the stage too long
Peace can rock the world

red mist bursting forth
foreign sounds crack the dry sky
bodies everywhere

Visa for Anne Frank?
Muh political borders—
Sorry, RIP

I don’t think of all
The misery—but of the
Beauty that remains
[adapted from Anne Frank]

War is mass murder
Just war theory is a sham
Collectivized death

Uncle Sam Wants You
To bend over and take it
At home and abroad

War is a virus
Spread by the public serpents
Hissing in our ears

Killing for Islam—
Killing for Democracy—
Both are extremism

Cypherpunks are the
Last bastion against the State—
Encrypt your freedom

Every bomb a seed
Planted for democracy—
You’re welcome, Mid East

Crusades and jihads—
Jesus versus Muhammad—
Neither would approve

Without government
Who would stockpile WMDs?
Nuke hypocrisy

War infotainment
Talking points and bobbleheads
Sugar-coated death

Atten-hut soldiers
General Butler sends word:
“War is a racket.”
war is a racket
Twenty years on the front lines
The war of ideas

US hearts Saudi
Those stonings and beheadings?
More WMDs for you

National greatness
A fiction written in blood—
Tribal psychosis

Trillions wasted, or
So it seems to you and me—
But we are the marks

Nam was a lesson—
Embedded reporting is
Controlled media

Haiku don’t pay bills
But they might change hearts and minds
The knowledge problem

The engine of war
Depends upon inflation—
Ostracize the Fed

Radicalize peace
Denationalize money
Bitcoin can end war

State power ratchet—
National Security
Bow down and obey

Freedom needs no thanks—
Nobody gives it to us.
It is our birthright.

War hides in headlines
Baby’s hand in the rubble
No—don’t look away

Spread democracy
One invasion at a time—
Foreign policy

All day every day
Trusting our lives to strangers—
Commerce unites us

Banksters are dinos
Satoshi Nakamoto—
Extinction event

While we mourn the dead
Pols and cronies cash them in—
War never changes

Lead rips holes through flesh
Semper fi, motherfucker
Widows and orphans

Birth atrocity
Depleted uranium
Mother’s worst nightmare

Language subverted
Advanced interrogation—
Black sites are terror

The facts are simple:
Government money funds war
Private cash doesn’t

Paying pols to grease
Cronies and boss you around—
It’s Democrazy

Mass pyramid scheme
Federal Reserve System
Stacking cash and skulls

Blockchain bonanza
Hacked fiat monopoly
Thank you, Satoshi

Closed-minded people
Can’t imagine a world that’s
Better than their own

Siren song of death
War drums pound souls to the ground
Kill kill bloodshed kill

Red tribe versus blue
Pols turn ballots to bullets
Divide and conquer

War, torture, spying—
It’s your tax dollars at work
The home of the brave

Used to believe the
War narrative—hate and fear
Much metanoia

Voting for complete
Strangers to govern your life?
What are you, a child?

This mob tug of war
Democracy delusion
Listen to the dead

The power to kill the world—
Yay, democracy!

War is mass murder
Yellow ribbons are a noose—
Soldiers, cut them loose

“Just doing my job”
The rationale for every
Act of cowardice

Merchants of death smile
Every time the Grim Reaper
High fives Uncle Sam

The war-blowback loop
Wet dream of sociopaths
Cash blood hate power

If every war corpse
Could be stacked—a vast Mt. Death—
The madness would end

Anger and protests
Neither stops the war machine
Crash it with crypto

To breed terrorists
Murder loved ones and call it
Foreign policy

Youtube and TV
Are not life experience—
Go meet survivors

War for peace is like
Believing the earth is flat—
Just open your eyes

Politics spark hate
But you already knew that—
Still feeding the fire?

State-sponsored murder
Is no better than murder
In the name of faith

Visions of horror
The war within can’t be won
Suicide soldier

To wage peace demands
Strength, honor, and sacrifice—
Heroes end bloodshed

Warmongers winning
MIC cronies grinning
Feel the noose tighten

smoking pixels swirl
as people evaporate—
grayscale monitor

Dearest taxpayers,
Don’t fund the War of Terror—
Go crypto for peace

Face of a dead child
Antidote to the venom—
War propaganda

voices of the dead
every soul taken by war
screams out in silence

I want to show you
Something the world’s never seen—
Peace in every heart

“What do the polls say?”
“Approval ratings are down.”
“Time to start a war.”

War is what happens
When we trust governments to
Be our protectors

The death march of war won’t stop
Until we hold hands

words can be feathers
for a peace dove or talons
on a bird of prey

Teleprompter ON
Selling control as freedom—
Orwell would be proud

The troops are pawns for
Old men to cash in like chips
For cash and power

why grant pols godlike
power to destroy?

Political speech
“They hate us for our freedom!”
Invade—Shock and Awe

War is big business
Uncle Sam is CEO
Megacorp orgy

Peace—our greatest act
Defiance of everything
That makes us ugly

“Why all the killing?”
“It’s our foreign policy.”
Democratic death

Roads, roads! Woohoo ROADS!
‘Cause without the government
We’d all be walking

To die for a flag
Is to die for politics—
Please don’t be that guy

War and blowback are
Two sides of the same vile coin—
Peace is the answer

Old pols with limp pricks
Wage war to feel young again—
High on dead men’s blood

Perpetual war
Means perpetual profits—
Cashing in corpses

Politics—the real
Weapon of Mass Destruction—
Disarm government

He was a madman!
Inevitable excuse
Nuclear winter

Behind every speech
Calling for bullets and bombs:
Let someone else bleed

Peace is true power
Courage to conquer our hate
Fight the war within

Pols are hooting chimps
Slinging bombs instead of poop—
Somebody cage them

Whether peace or war
Your choices are who you are—
Not your circumstance

National defense
The great protection racket—
Flag-wrapped mafia

War is distilled hate
Shot into orbit by fear
Cult insanity

Polls and profits spike—
War—a bloody bonanza
For psychos in suits

Tax dollars are the
Lynchpin of the war machine
Pull the pin—>crypto

Requisite of peace—
Take responsibility
For the lack of it

Those who seek to control you—
Encryption is wings

Warfare is statecraft
Brew of blood bone rage horror
Evil alchemy

You never can tell
When a whisper turns to flame—
May peace consume us

You can’t imagine—
Heat ten times boiling water
Hell on earth: Napalm

"Napalm is the most terrible pain you can imagine. Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius (212°F). Napalm generates temperatures of 800 to 1,200 degrees Celsius (1,500-2,200°F)."

War and genocide
Political consequence
Just ask: Cui bono?

How much fear before
We drown the world in hatred?
War for everyone

Ranch Hand—Agent Orange
20 million gallon flood
Monsanto and Dow

MIC made clear:
“Its first obligation was
To the government.”

Bitcoin defunds war
Peaceful trade, not cash for death
Money unshackled

How to end war now?
Easy: fire pols, not missiles
Politics is death

Future unwritten—
Will we find more ways to love
Than reasons to kill?

Two brothers believed
The sky could somehow be touched—
Peace can be this way

chaos butterflies—
as water carves the mountains
art can save the world

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